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Listed are some favorite products that I use and trust. Any promo codes are listed for you when applicable. Come back soon for lists of product recommendations for things like your baby registry, postpartum recovery, and building your diaper cart.

Product Recs: Resources

This is my favorite probiotic on the market to ensure optimal gut health. It was part of my pre-pregnancy prep and backed by tons of clinical research. The prebiotic capsule makes sure the probiotics get to the right place, and this company is sustainable and awesome. 

Use code SPARKWELLNESS at checkout for 15% off your first month

Sakara healthy Meal Delivery Spark Wellness Co

Sakara is a plant-based meal delivery service that we absolutely love. Our mission to get our clients to eat more plants and use food as medicine is made so easy by Sakara's gorgeous meals delivered to your door. We also use the Metabolism powder, Beauty Chocolates, and love to snack on their Popcorn trio among other awesome products in their Clean Boutique. 

Use code XOSPARK for 20% off first time purchase 

ritual prenatal spark wellness co.png

I started the Ritual prenatal two months before getting pregnant. I also love their protein powder and have continued using it after giving birth. Ritual ensures you get all of the right nutrients to grow your healthy baby!


Natural Cycles is a digital birth control app that helps you understand when you are ovulating aka the days you can/can't get pregnant. It helps you understand valuable information about your cycle that can be super helpful if you seek fertility help later on.

Mary Ruth Spark Wellness Co

We love Mary Ruth's supplements because they use great ingredients and are also kid-approved. Mary Ruth's offers many liquid and gummy supplements and probiotics so this is a great alternative for people that don't like taking pills. Some of our favorite Mary Ruth's products are the D3-K2 Gummies, Liquid Vegan B Complex, and GutFlora Enzymes.

Use code MARYRUTH at checkout for 15% off first time purchase


Interested in becoming a Health Coach?Meredith received her Health Coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). IIN transformed Meredith's own health and helped her find a passion to inspire clients on their own personal health journeys. Reach out to with any questions about the program or for a referral discount!

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