Here are some helpful links for you from companies that we use and trust. Just click on the product to go directly to the company site. Any promo codes are listed for you when applicable!


This is the probiotic Meredith + Torie both take to ensure optimal gut health. We have used this product for over 5 months and recommend to anyone looking for a probiotic backed by tons of clinical research. The prebiotic capsule makes sure the probiotics get to the right place, and this company is sustainable and awesome. 

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Sakara healthy Meal Delivery Spark Wellness Co

Sakara is a plant-based meal delivery service that we absolutely love. Our mission to get our clients to eat more plants and use food as medicine is made so easy by Sakara's gorgeous meals delivered to your door. We also use the Metabolism powder, Beauty Chocolates, and love to snack on their Popcorn trio among other awesome products in their Clean Boutique. 

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YourSuper is an incredible superfood mix company on a mission to improve your health through plants. Our personal favorite mixes include the Super Green, Gut Feeling, and Plant Protein. Meredith uses the Gut Feeling in the morning mixed with 8oz of water and fresh squeezed lemon for a naturally energizing and hydrating start to the day. 

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OatHaus Granola Butter Spark Wellness Co

No discount code here... just obsessed. If you follow us on Instagram you know our love for Oat Haus Granola Butter is real and we love to promote other women founded small businesses. Our fave flavors are the Original and Chocolate. PRO TIP: Put your granola butter in the fridge for a cookie dough like consistency. YUM.

Clevr Blends Spark Wellness Co

Clevr Blends is a powdered oat milk latte company that infuses adaptogenic mushrooms and probiotics into their delicious blends. Just add a scoop of Clevr to hot water and froth away. The matcha is Meredith + Torie's favorite flavor. Within minutes you get a frothy, foamy latte to boost your day!

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SparkWellness Catalina Crunch.jpg

This is Meredith's absolute favorite cereal. Created by a diabetic, this crunchy snack is somehow no sugar added! Order in bulk because I promise you will fly through it. Chocolate is our personal favorite flavor - but they are all good on their own, on dairy free yogurt, or in some almond milk with berries.

Mary Ruth Spark Wellness Co

We love Mary Ruth's supplements because they use great ingredients and are also kid-approved. Mary Ruth's offers many liquid and gummy supplements and probiotics so this is a great alternative for people that don't like taking pills. Some of our favorite Mary Ruth's products are the D3-K2 Gummies, Liquid Vegan B Complex, and GutFlora Enzymes.

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Interested in becoming a Health Coach?Meredith received her Health Coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). IIN transformed Meredith's own health and helped her find a passion to inspire clients on their own personal health journeys. Reach out to sparkwellnessmeredith@gmail.com with any questions about the program or for a referral discount!

KT Tape Spark Wellness Co_edited.png

KT Tape is an elastic sports tape that helps relieve pain while supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Torie used KT Tape throughout her marathon training and always keeps some on hand for when she feels her muscles are especially sore and need a bit more support.

Berkey Clean Water Spark Wellness Co

We are huge advocates of making sure your water is filtered because there are often traces of hazardous chemicals and pharmaceuticals found in tap water. These toxins can harm our gut, cause inflammation and wreak havoc on our body. One of our favorite filtration methods is the Berkey, which takes away more than 99.999% of viruses and pathogenic bacteria found in tap water.