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August Picks: Meredith + Torie's Favorite Things

Here's a little roundup of some products that we bought and loved in August! Whether it's fun little accessories, gym attire, or wedding season faves...these were our tried and true essentials this past month.

  1. Snake Necklace

  2. Mother of Pearl Rings

  3. Baublerella Bling Brush

  4. Ribbed Racerback Tanktop

  5. CRZ Shorts

  6. Natural Cycles Digital Birth Control App

  7. Mason Jars

  8. PerfectWhiteTee (these run a bit big!)

  9. Project Social Tee Ribbed Flare Pants

  10. Gigi Pip Hat

  11. Clevr Blends Super Latte Powders - SPARK15 for 15% off

  1. Tula Brightening Treatment Drops

  2. Tula Glow Hour Eye Balm

  3. Tula Keep It Clear Cleanser

  4. Recreation Sweat Resistance Bands (get that booty burn!)

  5. Native Deodorant

  6. SuperGoop Unscreen Sunscreen

  7. Nike Air Max Excee

  8. Nike Yoga Luxe Shorts

  9. Ilia Color HStella By Starlight: Rose Goldaze Multi-Use Pigment

  10. En Saison Floral Print Maxi Dress

  11. Shein Strappy Sandals

  12. Sakara Metabolism Super Powder (XOSPARK for 20% off first order)

Hope you had a healthy and sparkly month!


Meredith + Torie

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