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Is it Worth it? An Unfiltered Look at Sakara's Three Day Meal Program

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about Sakara's plant-based meal delivery system is.... "Is it worth it?" Well, let's break it down. With our discount the 3-day meal delivery breaks down to about $73/day or $24/meal. This is probably more than your typical price per meal. However, from my estimation it's around the same price as going out to drinks + dinner with friends in an expensive city for one night.

So, if it is of interest for you to re-allocate one night out with friends for a nutrient-dense, plant-based meal service - I'd say it's worth it. If it's not in your budget, just a reminder that you don't have to subscribe to any service to eat a more plant-based, whole-foods diet! Sakara embodies the principle that food is medicine, but you can do this on your own too by focusing on nutrient dense, plant-forward meals to make at home.

In my experience after the 3-day Sakara meal delivery I really did feel amazing. My skin was clearer and I had virtually no sugar cravings (which is weird for me!). I usually eat plant-based anyway, but having ready-to-go meals with fun, new plants like Calendula flowers was SO convenient and reset my body in the best way - through food! The branding and pictures of Sakara meals are always STUNNING, so I wanted to give an unfiltered look at my experience so you can decide if it's worth it for you. Personally, I LOVE IT. I would do it every week if I could.

Check out the #unfiltered pictures and ratings (that nobody asked for) of my Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for three days below. And just a reminder, the menu changes weekly, so this is just a snapshot of one week that I did!

Day 1:

Breakfast: Georgia Peach Parfait (Rating 11/10) - I mean, I felt like I was eating peach cobbler for breakfast. Mind... Blown...

Lunch: Sakara Cobb Salad (Rating 7/10) - only low because I don't love nutritional yeast and it was in the dressing.

Dinner: Black Garlic BBQ Burger (9/10) - so dense and filling, YUM!

Day 2:

Breakfast: Blue Cornflower Griddle Cakes with Wild Blueberry Maple Jam (9/10) - their breakfasts are so dang good.

Lunch: Butterfly Bowl with Tie Dye Carrots (10/10) - this is a Sakara menu staple, such gorgeous colors and this dressing is incredible + edible flowers - what a delight!

Dinner: Forbidden Pasta a la Vodka (9/10) - you can heat this one up! The noodle texture was great and felt like an indulgent pasta bowl.

Day 3:

Breakfast: Coconut Praline Granola with Antioxidant Cacao Milk (8/10) - tastes like dessert for breakfast again! Their granola is great... and this chocolate milk - what!?! Amazing.

Lunch: Summer Sun Salad with Wildflower Vinaigrette (8/10) - good fresh salad, nothing mind blowing but solid per usual!

Dinner: Golden Pineapple Unfried Rice (8/10) - filling, yummy grain bowl, again you can heat this up if you want!

As I mentioned above, the menu varies - make sure to check out the wide variety of meals they offer week to week. Another week I did even had a chocolate muffin with superfood caramel sauce for breakfast... YUM! Sakara also offers more than just meal-delivery including a wide array of products from their Clean Boutique with some of our favorites being the Metabolism Powder and Detox Tea! Have any other questions about Sakara? Feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to us on instagram @sparkwellnessco.

Want to try out Sakara? Click on this link and first time customers can use XOSPARK at checkout for 20% off. Happy and healthy eating!

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