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Meredith's Clean Beauty (+More) Packing List for Stockholm

Yesterday we posted a blog post called Should I Switch to Non-Toxic Beauty Products? Spoiler alert: the answer is YES! The synthetic chemicals in our beauty and cleaning products can cause long term health issues and overload your body with toxins that disrupt your hormones and microbiome. While the previous post explains why and how to switch over, we thought it might be helpful to dive into some of the products we actually use!

Since Meredith is moving to Sweden for 7 months she was able to do a big product haul, just in case she couldn't find her faves over there. Here is a list of some of the beauty products and misc. items that she is bringing with her... links are below the picture :)

Dae Shampoo + Conditioner

Vegamour Dry Shampoo

Tinkle Razors

Lux Unfiltered Tanning Lotion

Lux Unfiltered Santal Body Cream

Lux Unfiltered Face Tanning Drops

Claw Clips

T3 Micro Dual Voltage Curling Iron

Thorne Vitamin D

Seed Synbiotic (Code: SPARKWELLNESS)

Arrae Bloat Tablets

Supergoop Unscreen

Hello Toothpaste

Native Deodorant

Amazon Makeup Brushes

Ilia Foundation

Ilia Concealer

Ilia Eyeshadow Palette

Ilia Bronzer

Ilia Liquid Eyeliner

Ilia Minis – Lip, Eye, Mascara Set

Ilia Mascara

Follow along on our instagram @sparkwellnessco as Meredith takes on this new adventure in Europe. Meredith + Torie thrive during times of change and love to coach women through new chapters of life to help them develop healthy, sustainable habits that keep them grounded. As we enter a new season, many people are making huge changes of their own - let us know in the comments what is new with you and how we can support you to feel like your absolute best self!

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