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  • Meredith Lorito

Why We Love a Morning Routine (Especially One You Can Take On The Go)

A good morning routine is the #1 simplest and quickest way to improve your overall wellness and productivity. There is no better way to start the morning than with 3-5 things that you know are going to set you up for success that day. We talk a lot about the importance of a morning routine with our clients, so I wanted to provide you with some context as to why!

1. You start the day on your own terms The day can quickly get away from you, especially in terms of energy. If you have other people in your house it is easy to get pulled into their wants, needs, and moods. This also goes for using your phone right away. You can get pulled into the negative energy of social media, work emails, and other cortisol-inducing activities if you let yourself browse right when you wake up. By taking time to set your own tone for your morning, you can provide a calm, cool, and collected energy to take with you through the day.

2. You can give your future self a gift Your morning routine is the perfect time to do things that are pretty easy to accomplish but are serious "gifts" to yourself later in the day. For example, something like drinking 8oz of water right away in the morning helps you feel hydrated and energized throughout the day. Or, making the bed. This not only makes you feel accomplished right off the bat, but is an amazing gift to give yourself later that night when you can enter a clean bedroom and peel back the covers to go to bed. This may not seem like a big task in the morning but the calming feeling it gives you later on that day is so beyond worth it. 3. It makes waking up easier Now this is coming from someone who a few years ago did not understand "morning people" and snoozed the alarm upwards of 10 times every day. Now, I genuinely look forward to getting out of bed and starting my morning routine. I think the thing I subconsciously look forward to the most is my gratitude journal. As part of my morning routine, I write down 3 things I am grateful for or excited about that day and it sets the best tone for the day. Try this one - I promise it's a game changer.

4. It helps ground you wherever you are It is important to pick things that you can still do when you are on vacation. This helps you stay grounded and on track wherever you are, especially if it is an indulgent weekend! By continuing to do your "morning routine" on the road, you are more likely to feel your best. This is also incredibly helpful when moving. During my move to Stockholm, my morning routine stayed consistent and this is one of the things that made my transition so seamless. Knowing what is in my toolbox to set me up for success wherever I am in the world is such an important piece to feeling grounded during times of change.

So, what are some ideas for things that can be part of a morning routine?

Well, it's important to decide what sets YOU up for success as an individual, but here are a few to get the creative juices flowing:

- Skin care routine - High five yourself in the mirror (whole podcast episode of the efficacy of this!) - 8oz of water before coffee - Make a nourishing breakfast - Make your bed - Take your supplements - Specific coffee/tea recipe or ritual

- Sit outside for 10 minutes - Read for 10 minutes - Gratitude journal (3 things you are excited for or grateful for that day - my fave!) - Stretch - Get dressed with intention - 5 deep breaths with essential oils

- Meditate for 5 minutes

Want a few tips as you incorporate a new morning routine?

- Pick 3-5 items and stick with them for at least one whole week

- Be realistic about your tasks - what can you stick to every day? (The whole routine should be less than 20 minutes, something like "run for 1 hour" can be a separate workout goal/plan for the week) - Do what works for YOU (but don't be afraid to try something new that resonates with you like a gratitude journal!) - Write them down on a sticky, in your planner, or as a phone reminder - Make the first task your phone alarm label so it's top of mind We are excited to hear about how this positively impacts your day to day. Let us know how we can support you or hold you accountable on your morning routine. You got this!

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