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Why We Love Sakara (and the Best Products to Order)

As you know, our goal as your Wellness Besties is to help you foster a more positive and abundance-focused relationship with your body and mind. We encourage clients to add in the good and crowd out that which doesn’t serve them. Our motto is: Count plants, not calories! That is why we are SO excited to be a part of Sakara’s affiliate program.

We absolutely love Sakara’s plant-based products, which offer delicious nutrient-rich options to those looking to improve digestion, reduce bloat, boost energy, increase focus, and improve skin clarity. Most importantly, we love Sakara’s mission to help clients heal through the power of food as medicine. Sakara's meals, teas, and supplements are all organic, plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, with no refined sugar. The company was also created by two best girlfriends with a shared passion, so we of course love that too :)

While the meal programs are in the *treat-yourself* kind of expense category, it truly does live up to the hype of gorgeous, ready-to-go meals that fuel you and help your body reset with plants to look and feel amazing. We’ve outlined some of our favorite Clean Boutique products as well, but there are SO many to choose from. BTW, if you’re a first-time Sakara customer, you can use code XOSPARK to get 20% off. Use this link to get on your way to happy and healthy eating!!

Meredith + Torie's Favorite Sakara Products

Metabolism Super Powder

The Metabolism Super Powder is the perfect way to start your day! Torie loves mixing it into smoothies, or enjoying it on its own with water or nut milk. Its super-rich dark chocolate flavor is so delicious, you’ll be wondering how the HECK it can be so good for you!

Metabolism Super Bar

All the flavor and health benefits of the Metabolism Powder packed into a bar that’s perfect for life on the go. Trust us: you won’t be disappointed!

Beauty Water + Detox Water Drops

This duo is the perfect way to supercharge your hydration game. While the Beauty Water drops help to hydrate your cells with naturally-occurring trace minerals often missing from tap water, the Detox Water drops (chlorophyll drops) cleanse on a cellular level and help with blood detoxification. Meredith uses these in her morning routine by adding 8 oz of water, splash of aloe vera juice, splash of ginger juice, juice half of a lemon, plus Beauty Water and Detox Water drops!

Beauty Chocolates

The Beauty Chocolates are designed to improve skin elasticity by providing plant-based collagen. TBH, we just love that we can eat chocolate and get the added benefits of collagen too!

Dark Chocolate Granola

Honestly, all of Sakara’s granola is amazing, but the Dark Chocolate Granola takes the cake. Eat it with nut milk, in your smoothie bowl, or straight from the bag. It’s SO good!

Detox Tea

The Detox Tea is made with red rooibos, lemongrass, and rose, giving you an antioxidant-rich blend to support your digestive tract, liver, kidneys, bladder, and pancreas. We especially love it after a weekend of indulgence (a post wedding or bachelorette staple for us!).

The Bridal Program

Sakara’s Bridal Program is designed to help brides look and feel amazing without restriction - using plants to maintain a healthy weight while feeling their best. It includes 20 days of Sakara nutrition, as well as access to Erika Bloom fitness. PLUS lots of fun gifts sprinkled in to support your bridal beauty!

Signature Meal Program

The Signature Meal Program is Sakara’s (gluten-free) bread and (plant-based) butter (lol, see what we did there). This nutrition plan is truly like no other, imploring the power of food as medicine. You have the option to choose 1, 2, or 3 meals a day, for 2, 3 or 5 days a week. There is really no wrong way to order. Experience improved digestion, reduced bloat, more energy, increased focus, improved skin clarity, and even weight loss, all while enjoying delicious, clean, nutrient-rich meals. Stay tuned for Meredith's follow up blog post documenting an unfiltered look at the 3 day signature meal program!

Are there any other products from Sakara you have tried and love? Let us know! If you are new to Sakara you can use code XOSPARK at checkout for 20% off your purchase.


Meredith + Torie

Your Wellness Besties

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