Investing in your health in a way that works best for you allows you to unlock your true potential. That is why we offer One-on-One and Group programs based on your individual needs. To sign up for a free 15 min consultation call with us click here.



Accountability Coaching is available to those looking for daily support from Meredith and Torie. We set up a Group Text, where you can post photos of your food, questions about grocery shopping, daily workout goals / schedules, and anything else wellness-related!

  • You will hear back from your Coaches once a day, but are welcome to post as often as you'd like.

  • Accountability Coaching operates via GroupMe. You will also be provided with our Accountability Workbook each month to track your habits and workouts.

  • Pricing:

    • $70.00/month 

      • $35.00/month for active One-on-One coaching package holders (50% off!)


With One-on-One Coaching you get the tailored expertise of Coach Meredith and/or Coach Torie. Together we create healthier, sustainable lifestyle habits to set you up for success moving forward. It’s all about enjoying the process while developing an empowered mind and body to look and feel your best!

Your first 15-min Consultation Call is FREE! Book here to discuss your goals and see if we are a great fit together.


  • Pricing:

    • 1x Health Coaching Session = $55

    • 5x Health Coaching = $250

    • 10x Health Coaching = $475

  • Notes: Virtual 30 min. sessions with Meredith. Topics include talking about Symptoms, Personalized Nutrition, Digestion, Gut Health, Sleep, Stress Management, Relationships, Career, Goals + More.

  • Suggested frequency: 2x/month for at least 3 months for sustainable habit changes.


  • Pricing:

    • 1x Fitness Coaching = $80

    • 5x Fitness Coaching = $355

    • 10x Fitness Coaching = $700

  • Notes: Virtual 50 min. sessions with Torie. Areas of expertise include Strength, HIIT, LIIT, Mobility, Core, and Yoga. Includes Fitness Consultation to see what works best for your body and lifestyle.

  • Suggested frequency: 2x/week for lasting results.


​By bringing together a group of like-minded women we build sustainable health and fitness habits over a fun and engaging 6-weeks. We give you the opportunity to ask questions and connect with other group members while developing an empowered mind and body to look and feel your best!


  • 1 Group Zoom call per week

  • 2 Group Fitness classes per week

  • 3 One-on-One Health Coaching sessions

Email us at to sign up! 

  • Facebook accountability group

  • Healthy Handouts + Program Workbook

  • Shopping Lists + Cookbook


  • Regular Price: $850.00

  • Early Bird Price: $600.00 (mention promo code "SPARKJOY" in your email)

  • Sign up with a friend and BOTH receive an additional $100 off!

    • BFFs Price: $500.00

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