Spark Wellness Co. is rooted in what we believe are the four major life areas that have the greatest influence on well-being: Nourishment, Movement, Love, and Creativity. Together we work to cultivate balance within the four pillars to unlock your true potential and live a fuller, more joyful life.


Food is an incredible way to nourish and often heal your body. We help you build healthy, enjoyable, and sustainable food choices into your life without focusing on restriction. Together we work to ditch that diet mentality and focus instead on what to add in for greater well-being.


Moving your body in the way that works for you ultimately leads to a longer and happier life. We help you find ways that make exercise a part of your everyday life – moving with intention and a smile!


Health is so much more than what is on your plate. Love and positive relationships are essential to a healthy mind and body. We explore habits like gratitude and mindfulness that help you unlock more love and connectedness in life.


We are all creators. Connecting with your purpose in life and what is authentic for you to share with the world sparks confidence and inner peace. We help you discover outlets that allow your gifts to spill forth and make an impression.


Are you ready to find more balance? Spark more joy? 
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